Publikationer och vetenskapliga presentationer


Järås et al. Isolation and killing of candidate chronic myeloid leukemia stem cells by antibody targeting of IL1 receptor accessory protein.

Askmyr et al. Selective killing of candidate AML stem cells by antibody targeting of IL1RAP

Ågerstam et al. Antibodies targeting human IL1RAP (IL1R3) show therapeutic effects in xenograft models of acute myeloid leukemia

Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. PNAS 2015 Aug 112 (34) 10786-10791

Ågerstam et al. IL1RAP antibodies block IL1-induced expansion of candidate CML stem cells and mediate cell killing in xenograft models

Blood 2016 DOI 10.1182/blood-2015-11-679985


Blocking IL1, IL33 and IL36 signalling by an anti IL1RAP antibody is an efficient anti-inflammatory treatment that improves heart function in a model of autoimmune myocarditis – IMMUNOLOGY 2021 AAI annual meeting

Can10 Poster Presentation American Association Of Immunologists Aai Virtual Immunology 2021

Glycoengineered murine antibodies as surrogates to the humanized and ADCC-enhanced anti-IL1RAP antibody CAN04 – Protein & Antibody Engineering Europe 2019

Poster Pegs Europe 2019 Final

The CAN04 Antibody Targets IL1RAP and Mediates Tumor Growth Inhibition and Increased Cisplatin Sensitivity in a Patient-Derived Xenograft Model for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer - Antibody Engineering and Therapeutics 2018

A first-in-class, first-in-human phase I/IIa trial of CAN04, targeting Interleukin-1 Receptor Accessory Protein (IL1RAP), in patients with solid tumors - ESMO Annual Meeting 2018

Antibody blockade of IL1RAP signaling reduces metastasis in a breast cancer model - AACR Annual Meeting 2018

The CAN04 Antibody Targets IL1RAP and Inhibits Tumor Growth in a PDX Model for NSCLC - Protein & Antibody Engineering 2016

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Results from a first-in-man, open label, safety and tolerability trial of CAN04 (nidanilimab), a fully humanized monoclonal antibody against the novel antitumor target, IL1RAP, in patients with solid tumors - ASCO Annual Meeting 2019

The CAN04 antibody targets IL1RAP and mediates tumor growth inhibition and increased cisplatin sensitivity in a patient-derived xenograft model for non-small cell lung cancer - Protein & Antibody Engineering 2018

IL1RAP as a therapeutic target - Protein & Antibody Engineering 2018