Göran Forsberg

CEO since 2014, born 1963. Number of shares: 83 648

Göran Forsberg has a PhD in biochemistry, and is an associate professor and the author of over 40 scientific publications. For more than 30 years he has had different positions in research and development, business development and investor relations at pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, including KabiGen, Pharmacia, Active Biotech and the University of Adelaide, Australia. Forsberg has extensive experience in leading drug development and clinical trials, with a special focus on oncology. Since 2011, Forsberg is a board member of Isogenica Ltd.

Liselotte L

Liselotte Larsson

VP Operations since 2014, born 1963. Number of shares: 25 800

Liselotte Larsson has a PhD in biotechnology, and has more than 20 years of experience in various management positions in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies including BioGaia Fermentation, Novozymes Biopharma and Camurus. Larsson's main fields of expertise are business development, marketing & sales/out licensing, ISO certification, good manufacturing practice (GMP) and overall project management.

Lars T

Lars Thorsson

VP Clinical Development since 2015, born 1961. Number of shares: 51 852

Lars Thorsson graduated with a Ph.D. in clinical pharmacology in 1998. Thorsson has more than 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including leading roles in clinical studies and project management in a large number of development phases at AstraZeneca. Thorsson’s most recently worked at Novo Nordisk A/S, where he held the role of Senior Clinical Pharmacology Scientist, responsible for preparation and implementation of clinical pharmacological studies in development projects. Thorsson has been responsible for evaluation and documentation of new substances and has the experience of regulatory activities and interactions with health authorities.

David L

David Liberg

VP Cancer Research since 2015, born 1969. Number of shares: 6 000

David Liberg graduated with a Ph.D. in 2001 and has twenty years of research experience within immunology and tumour biology. Liberg has worked within the pharmaceutical industry for the last thirteen years, with responsibility for early research projects and activities in tumour immunology. He has extensive experience of pre-clinical phase cancer projects. His most recent position was at Active Biotech AB, where he worked as Project Manager Drug Development as well as Head of Cell Biology and Biochemistry. Liberg has also carried out research at Imperial College in the UK and at Lund University, Sweden.


Bengt Jöndell

CFO since May 2017, born 1960. Number of shares: 61 000

Bengt Jöndell has a BSc in Business Aministration and a MSc in Chemical engineering. Jöndell has extensive experience in various executive financial functions such as CFO and Chief Executive Officer at BTJ Group AB, Senior Financial Advisor for BoneSupport, CFO/Administrative manager at Inpac, Business Controller at Pharmacia & Upjohn Consumer Healthcare, Pharmacia, Pharmacia Consumer Pharma and Pharmacia Nicorette. Jöndell´s most recent position was CFO for Enzymatica AB.