CANFOUR clinical results, interview

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Cantargia listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (Small Cap)

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Two Nobel Prizes with utmost significance for Cantargia’s research

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The new generation of cancer treatments

Cantargia's CAN04 antibody treatment fights cancer by activating the immune system, and by blocking signals that lead to tumour growth.

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Development of new antibody-based cancer treatments

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(R) Cantargia presents new positive preclinical data on antibody CAN04 at major antibody conference

(R) Cantargia: Phase I safety evaluation part of CANFOUR trial of antibody CAN04 completed and phase IIa part being initiated

(R) Cantargia publishes interim report for third quarter of 2018

* (R) = Regulatory press releases

Cantargia is a biotechnology company specialising in dual-action antibody-based cancer treatments. CAN04, the company's patented antibody treatment, has a dual-action and fights cancer by activating the immune system and by blocking signals that lead to tumour growth. Treatment with CAN04 has the potential to become an important part of modern immunoncology.

Cantargia is since September 25, 2018 listed on Nasdaq Stockholm main market (Small Cap).

How CAN04 attacks a cancer tumour

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Press releases

* (R) = Regulatory press releases

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