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CAN04 - Cancer

Preclinical development

Cantargia has shown that IL1RAP is expressed on tumours from several types of cancer and that CAN04 binds strongly to the target molecule IL1RAP. CAN04 works both by stopping tumour inflammation and by binding to the cancer cells, which the immune system’s killer cells are then stimulated to destroy. Both of these effects are being studied in various cell-based model systems. Effects of CAN04 on tumour development and on the immune system are also being studied in cancer models in which various combination strategies using other drugs are also being tested. Studies are being conducted in order to obtain further documentation of the properties of CAN04 and in order to support the clinical studies. See our latest scientific publications.Clinical development

In the initial part (phase I) of the first study, a limited number of patients were treated with CAN04 in gradually increasing doses in order to study its safety profile and how it is metabolised in the body in order to identify a suitable dose with which to proceed to the second part. Thanks to positive results that allowed us to demonstrate, among other things, good safety and an effect on biomarkers, we have now proceeded to phase IIa.

In phase IIa, CAN04 is given to a larger number of patients in order to assess efficacy, in addition to obtaining more information of the drug at the selected dose. CAN04 is being studied both as a single drug (monotherapy) and in combination with the standard treatments for each indication. With non-small cell lung cancer, the combination is with the chemotherapies cisplatin and gemcitabine, while with pancreatic cancer CAN04 is combined with gemcitabine and nab-paclitaxel.

Information about the clinical study is available at clinicaltrials.gov - CANFOUR

Manufacture and quality control

CAN04 is manufactured in biological production systems. A specific cell line has been licensed from BioWa Inc. that enables the production of antibodies with enhanced ADCC (Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity) activity, which means that the antibodies have a greater ability to stimulate the immune system’s killer cells. You can find more information about this technology at www.biowa.com. The process for the industrial production has been developed by Glycotope Biotechnology GmbH (now Celonic AG www.celonic.com) which also manufactures the product in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

CAN04 is produced by means of cell culturing followed by repetition in several stages and finally filling into vials that are distributed to hospitals for use in the clinical development work. CAN04 is given to patients via intravenous infusion.

CANxx – Autoimmune/inflammatory diseases

Cantargia is now in a preclinical phase of the development of a new antibody against IL1RAP with the candidate name CANxx. Development is taking place in collaboration with Panorama Research Inc, a US company that specialises in antibody development. A patent as part of the project has already been approved by the US patents office and the objective now is to select a product candidate in the course of 2019.

A collaboration agreement was signed in 2017 and in brief it means that Panorama further refines antibodies generated by Cantargia so that they have the unique and powerful biological and biochemical properties required in order to take the next step in the development of a medicinal product. In parallel with this development, Cantargia is also studying the new antibodies in various biological models in order to provide further support in terms of the diseases with which the new antibodies have the best chance of working.