Cantargia team

With a passion for innovation and results

The Cantargia team has a virtual mode of operation with clearly defined roles. The team consists of Cantargias management, founders and external experts who work closely together. Together, having more than 100 years of drug development experience, the management group is well equipped to progress this project. Each team member has well documented experience within their various fields of expertise, covering the full spectrum of drug development (preclinical, clinical and CMC) as well as business development. CEO Göran Forsberg has experience within all of the development disciplines, as well as in IR and in business development.

Goran F1

Göran Forsberg, CEO

Bengt Joendell 01

Bengt Jöndell, CFO

Liselotte L1

Liselotte Larsson, VP Operations, responsible for CMC development and GMP-manufacturing

Lars T1

Lars Thorsson, VP Clinical Development, responsible for clinical development

David L1

David Liberg, VP Cancer Research, responsible for pre-clinical development

Susanne Magnusson Januari 2017

Susanne Magnusson, Associate Director Development

Camilla Rydberg Millrud 03 Edited

Camilla Rydberg Millrud, Project Manager Pre Clinical


Gabriel Svensson Birkedal, Senior Scientist Protein Chemistry, CMC

Thoas F1

Thoas Fioretos, founder and scientific advisor

Marcus J1

Marcus Järås, founder and scientific advisor

Kjell S

Kjell Sjöström, Innovagen, founder, biochemical development

Karin W1

Karin Von Wachenfeldt, translational research

Peter Holm Januari 2017

Peter Holm, patents and intellectual property