2018-02-27 Presentation 11th ELSCEO Forum in Zurich

2018-02-23 Presentation G&W Småbolagsfrukost

2018-02-23 Presentation G&W Småbolagsfrukost

2018-02-12 Presentation Investor meeting Cord Communication

2018-01-30 Presentation Aktiespararna Aktiedagen Lund

2018-01-30 Video Aktiespararna Aktiedagen Lund

2017-12-12 CEO-interview

2017-12-04 Interview with Cantargia's CEO Göran Forsberg after the presentation at BioStock Live i Stockholm

2017-12-04 Presentation at BioStock Live in Stockholm

2017-11-29 CEO-interview

2017-11-24 Presentation at Redeye's, Life Science Seminar, Stockholm

2017-11-16 Presentation Investor After Work Special, Gothenburg

2017-11-14 Presentation, Biotech and Money Investival Showcase, London

2017-09-21 Presentation at Redeye's Fight Cancer-event with focus on immun-oncology, Stockholm

2017-06-12 Presentation at Småbolagsdagen i Stockholm

2017-03-21 Presentation at Investordagen in Copenhagen

2017-01-31 Video Aktiespararna Aktiedagen Lund

2017-01-24 Video Redeye presentation, Stockholm

2017-01-09 Biotech Showcase, San Francisco

2016-11-28 Stora Aktiedagen in Stockholm

2016-11-18, Video, Biotech and Money Investival Showcase, London

2016-10-31, Poster, Protein & Antibody Engineering, Lissabon

2016-10-31,Poster, Protein & Antibody Engineering, Lissabon

2016-09-20, Video, Redye Fight Cancer-Immunonkologi, Stockholm

2016-06-13, Video, Småbolagsdagen, Stockholm

2016-03-17, Video, Redeye Investor Forum, Göteborg

2016-03-16, Video, interview Göran Forsberg, President Cantargia, Sedermera-dagen, Lund

2016-03-16, Video, Sedermera-dagen i Lund

2016-03-09, Video, Vator Securities Unicorn Summit, Stockholm

2015-01-20, Animated Video - how CAN04 attacks a tumour

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